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Section 3.6 on chunked transfer-coding says
       footer         = *Entity-Header

This used to say something like

	footer 	 = *<Content-MD5 or future headers that explicitly state that
				 can be in footers>

This was because of a previous objection (by whom I don't recall) that
they didn't want to have to make sure their implementation handled
arbitrary headers (especially ones like Content-Type that might affect
how the entity was processed) after the entity-body had been received. I
hypothesize that this is because the current implementations alwys have
all the existing headers in hand before the entity-body starts arriving,
and might be difficult to change. In any case, there seems to be little
advantage in allowing arbitrary headers in the footer, and allowing them
runs counter to the pupose for them stated in the text of the section;
the proposed change to the BNF merely tries to capture that intent.

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