Secton 3.12.1

The last sentence of section 3.12.1 says: "HTTP/1.1 implementations may
ignore ranges specified using other units [than 'bytes']."

I think that they might be able to ignore a Range _header_ on a GET, and
return the whole entity, but that's not such a good idea on PUT, because
it would clobber the whole entity with something that was intended to
replace only a part. Hence, I think talking about ignoring range units
is difficult out of context of where they are used, which is what this
section attempts.

I think this sentence should be deleted, and any appropriate error
handling info added to the Range: header section. There isn't isn't any
now -- I'll think about that and post a message.
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Received on Friday, 31 May 1996 14:44:24 UTC