status report from an editing group...

For the past two days (5/21 & 5/22), Jim Gettys, Larry Masinter, Roy
Fielding, Jeff Mogul, Dave Kristol, and (for one of the days) Alex
Hopmann met to go over the HTTP/1.1 specification.

In the course of the two days, we've tried to address most of the
various comments that were received, dealt with the terminology issue
(e.g., "resource entity" is gone from the draft we're producing), and
most of the stickier protocol design choices (e.g., we've re-removed
variant-IDs). It's my belief that even though some changes were major
edits, they are consistent with the general sense of the community and
not just the private opinions of the attendees. (Various others wanted
to participate but could not because of travel schedules, the late
scheduling of the meeting, and awkwardness of telephone access.)

There remain a number of both wording rewrites and minor editorial
changes to be done. Jim's plan is to finish the wording rewrites by
Friday (with another work session with me and Jeff Mogul tomorrow) and
some work on his own on Friday & over the weekend and have a new draft
ready on Monday, 5/27. This will then be submitted as an Internet
Draft by May 31, and, after 2 weeks, sent to the IESG as our candidate
for Proposed Standard.

If you've not read through draft -03 yet, you might want to save your
energies for the next version, if you think you can manage to do so
ASAP after it is released.

Everyone has worked very hard and the meetings have been very

I said I'd send out a status report; doing justice to the state of the
draft would be difficult, but I thought I'd let people know where we
were in the process.


Received on Wednesday, 22 May 1996 21:32:26 UTC