HTTP 1.1 As Universal Transport?

I have read the 1.1 draft and I may have misundestood something
but anyway I would like to get a personal reply.

In HTTP 1.1 you introduce persistant connections (as default?)

But does this makes it possible for a server to send events to
a client. I think not.
Very sad.

The reason that I want this is that today, Internet applications
lack a universally supported protocol that can pass through firewalls.
HTTP does that but HTTP 1.0 is almost useless for real interactivity
as it lacks persistant connections and events from servers must be
polled for.

Although it may sound like herrasy to just use HTTP as some kind of
socket mechanism, this is really what you do when you use HTTP
in Java.  And a new version should extend the use of HTTP so that
all distributed objects etc. can ride on top of HTTP.

SOCKS would be fine but it seems that firewall administrators
just want ONE protocol to administer.  I understand them!

Anders Rundgren
Vincent Engineering

Received on Thursday, 16 May 1996 01:38:34 UTC