Re: HTTP 1.1 document terminology.

Jim Gettys:


Your new terminology definitions look very good.  I include some minor
nitpicks below.

>A network data object or service that can be identified by a URI
>(section 7.2).  When represented electronically, a resource may be
>either a plain resource, which corresponds to only one possible
>representation, or a generic resource.

`When represented electronically' can be removed.  Better still, it
can be replaced by `At any point in time'.

>generic resource
>A resource that is a set of closely related representations of the
>same document, form, applet, etc. A generic resource is always
>identified by a URI. The individual representations may each be
>identified by a unique URI, or by the combination of the generic
>resource's URI and a variant-ID, or by the combination of the generic
>resource's URI and some "content-negotiation" mechanism.  In this
>case, other URIs may exist which identify a resource more

You probably mean `representation', not `resource', here.


Received on Tuesday, 30 April 1996 09:50:07 UTC