Re: HTTP 1.1 document terminology.

Dave Kristol writes:
 > Ouch!  My teeth hurt from grinding.
 > Please, there's no word "genericity".  Try "generality".  With
 > apologies to non-native English speakers, if we're going to use English
 > for the spec., let's at least make it correct English.
 > Dave Kristol

Until a few years ago, "generic" was only an adjective.
Now even my Webster's admits it is sometimes a noun used to identify
non-name-brand over-the-counter medications.
The OOP community has been using the (non-)word "genericity" for years.
Where do you think new words come from anyway?  Somebody has to make them up.

Received on Tuesday, 30 April 1996 08:04:11 UTC