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   10.16 Content-Location

   The Content-Location entity-header field is used to define the
   location of the specific resource associated with the entity enclosed
   in the message. A server SHOULD provide a Content-Location if, when
|  including an entity in response to a GET request on a varying
|  resource, the entity corresponds to a specific location which can be
   accessed via the Content-Location URI. A server SHOULD provide a
   Content-Location with any 200 (OK) response which was internally (not
   visible to the client) redirected to a resource other than the one
   identified by the request and for which correct interpretation of
   that resource may require knowledge of its actual
|  location. [##sentence deleted here##]

           Content-Location = "Content-Location" ":" absoluteURI

   If no Content-Base header field is present, the value of Content-
   Location also defines the base URL for the entity (see Section 10.9).

|  Under this specification, the response to a request on one URI can
|  never create or update information cached for another URI.  For
|  security reasons, when storing the response in cache memory, caches
|  MUST use the resource URI indicated by the request, and MUST NOT use
|  the URI in the Content-Location header field.

|  XXX The paragraph below needs to be reviewed: there may not be
|  consensus about including it.

|  If cache memory contains an existing entry for the resource indicated
|  by the Content-Location header, and if this indicated resource is
|  located on the same origin server and is not a varying resource, the
|  cache SHOULD compare any cache validators in the current response
|  with the cache validators of the entry.  If the validators do not
|  match, and if the age of the response is less than the age of the
|  entry, then the cache SHOULD remove or make stale the entry.

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