Re: NULL-Request (Sect. 4.1) (Maurizio Codogno) wrote:
  > I may be wrong, but I think that at the moment there is no 1.1 client
  > which sends the spurious CRLF. So, couldn't we say
  > "In the interest of robustness, HTTP/1.1 servers SHOULD ignore
  > null request lines (ones that comprise just CRLF) from HTTP/1.0 clients"
  > together with "HTTP/1.1 clients MUST NOT generate a NULL-Request"
The idea is right, but an HTTP/1.1 client that follows the
specification will never send the spurious CRLF anyway, so nothing
extra need be said.
  > (and maybe say something about proxies which MUST eliminate
  > NULL-Requests)??
Same remarks apply here.

Dave Kristol

Received on Friday, 26 April 1996 06:34:17 UTC