Re: 5.1.2 Request-URI

> I would think that for the *http* specification, particularly for an
> origin server, there are the following additional requirements that
> are currently unstated:
> - absoluteURI must be an http_URL (3.2.2)
> - (should https_URL and shttp_URL also be mentioned?)
> - host must be the FQDN of the host to which the request is sent

Absolutely NOT on all three items.  HTTP is used as a generic
interface protocol for resolving any URI, including URNs
(which do not have a hostname) and any number of other
identifiers which follow the URI syntax.  That syntax is correctly
described in the spec.

The http URL is also described because this is the only specification
which can describe it.  https and shttp have their own specifications
and are not relevant to this protocol.

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Received on Thursday, 25 April 1996 13:10:13 UTC