Re: NULL-Request (Sect. 4.1)

>This is not as good as saying it is at the beginning, from the
>standpoint of straightforward parsing. It is harder to look for optional
>stuff at the end, when no more stuff may be forthcoming -- I don't know
>how long to wait to see if it arrives. It is easy to discard optional
>stuff at the beginning -- I've already decided to wait for a request,
>and I just throw out initial CRLFs.
>Paul "speaks from having his web server hung by similar things"

I believe this statement.  Now how to write the BNF that
expresses throwing away inital CRLF's?  I'm not good enough at this 
extended BNF used in this spec to trust myself to do it right... 
Could you (or someone else) who is expert do so?  I think we've
converged on the right solution here, if we can write it down correctly.
			- Jim

Received on Wednesday, 24 April 1996 13:55:26 UTC