Re: NULL-Request (Sect. 4.1)
>I guess I'm less concerned about "violating the request/response model
>of HTTP".  Then again, I've designed two previous streaming protocol based
>systems :-).
>The above looks like another possibility that is not a band-aid solution.
>I'm happy either with a general null-request solution, or with recrafting
>7.2.2.  I am unhappy with any solution that would either hack individual
>methods, or be version dependent or depend too much on the details of
>the transport connection state.

How about this:

             Full-Request   = Request-Line              ; Section 5.1
                              *( General-Header         ; Section 4.3
                               | Request-Header         ; Section 5.2
                               | Entity-Header )        ; Section 7.1
                              [ Entity-Body ]           ; Section 7.2
                              [ CRLF ]

Together with a text

 Clients SHOULD NOT include the optional CRLF at the end of a request,
 but servers MUST be tolerant of clients which do include this CRLF.

   Note: Many existing HTTP/1.0 clients add a CRLF at the end of a POST


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