Re: Proxy authentication

> In the current 02 version of the spec it is not clear (to me) that
> the realm is required to be unique across hosts/proxies.

It isn't, but I was thinking in terms of having a user agent include
more than one Proxy-Authorization header field in a request such
that it can be passed on to two different proxies down the line.
We can't do that right now because there is no way to differentiate
between multiple credentials (even if they correspond to different
realms in the prior challenge response).  In other words, we need PEP,
and that won't be available until after 1.1 is finished, so can
we table this discussion for now and get back to it in June?

Either that, or just ask Rohit to solve it (he's good about that).

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Received on Tuesday, 23 April 1996 17:29:15 UTC