Re: cookie draft available

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Dave Kristol wrote:

> There was a brief private exchange concerning the minimum number of
> cookies that a client had to support.  Here are Lou Montulli's remarks
> on the subject.
>   > 300 was the minimum that our integrated applications developers
>   > felt comfortable with.  I agree that would be a difficult
>   > goal to accomplish on a PDA.  

There seems to be an assumption that the full client implemenation would
reside in the PDA rather than being split between the PDA and a larger
PDAserversystem.  The comments I've read about the Oracle InternetBox
proposal as well as two pre-InternetBox projects I consulted on briefly 
lead me to believe that resource constrained PDAs etc. will not stand
alone. Hence, I don't think 300 cookies is really a problem.

Dave Morris

Received on Sunday, 21 April 1996 14:07:15 UTC