Re: (ACCEPT*) Consensus

> The old 1.1-01 draft required 406 responses to contain `a list of
> resource characteristics and locations from which the user or user
> agent can choose the one most appropriate.'  Such a thing is not
> required in the 416 response I defined, so I thought it best to assign
> a new code, rather than rewrite the 406 text.

That would be incorrect -- the 416 response would still require some
message in the response as a fall-back to older clients (or simply
as more information).

What you describe is exactly what 406 is intended to do, so use it.
Rewrite whatever text no longer applies, but do not introduce a new
error code.  There do not exist any implementations that depend on
draft 01's description of 406 (not that it would matter, since the
description is essentially the same even after your changes).

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