Re: Several Content-Encodings

> HTTP/1.0 does not support multiple content-encodings.
> HTTP/1.1 suggests an implementation of multiple content-encodings which
> is broken; the ordering of the encodings is not defined. I'm sure I
> mentioned this on http-wg, but I can't remeber the outcome. Roy?

> Can Section 4.2 make an exception about ordering for the Content-Encoding
> headers, or is this too ugly ?

If we're going to make exceptions, it would be more usual to say that
'Content-Encoding' can only occur once, and that if there are multiple
encodings, they must appear ordered and comma separated in a single

In any case, if HTTP/1.1 is going to support multiple
content-encodings, this must be resolved, else we'll revert to the 1.0
situation and try again in 1.2.

I'll make sure this gets on the issues list.

Received on Wednesday, 10 April 1996 09:24:10 UTC