Re: (INTEGOK) rough consensus

        To compute an MD5 signature for textual material,
I would like to see the following applied:

            o   trailing white space stripped

            o   remaining whitespace reduced to single blanks

            o   CR/LF ignored

        The justification for this is that something cut-n-pasted
should still pass.   No,  we're not going to splice the TCP stream
and insert cut-n-pasted text,  but the above will make digests work on
the widest range of interoperable platforms.  What I'm saying is that
cut-n-paste-ability isn't the goal,  it represents a sample of the
kind of mangling that might happen when the text crosses some boundaries.
Interoperability is the goal.   Make MD5 verification work cross-platform.

Rick Troth <>, Houston, Texas, USA

Received on Tuesday, 2 April 1996 15:43:26 UTC