suggested wording concerning Host

I've noticed a cumbersome locution spreading through the HTTP/1.1
draft that I would like to cut off.  Here's an example:

    ... and the Host request header (present if the request-URI is not
    an absoluteURI) ...

How about if we define a term, "request-host", and use that term instead.
The above phrase would then become
    ... and the request-host ...

Here are some words:

[Section 1.3, Terminology?]

    The request-host of an HTTP request is the user agent's notion of
    the host domain name or IP address of the origin server as provided
    in the absoluteURI of a request (if that form is used) or the Host
    request header.

Dave Kristol

Received on Tuesday, 2 April 1996 08:40:39 UTC