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> What's more, HTTP should be considered transport independent. Relying on
> something as cheesey as twaddling the underlying protocol to do something
> that should be under conscious control between the client and server is a
> gross hack. Either build the mechanism into HTTP or live without it.
> Hacking the transport layer as a means to this end is a recipe for wreck
> and ruin the minute someone sticks this protocol on top of something
> besides TCP/IP. Remember, WWW != Unix and HTTP != TCP/IP.

Well, of course it's a cheesey hack.  But to continue the distraction for
a moment, I note that all transports of note have a flow-control element
which can be abused to implement "tentative download".  Jeff Mogul's
comments on SWS are well taken: I'd forgotten about SWS.

I still think it should be done using uri;bytes=...

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