Re: Why is From: limited?

> >1. Why is From: only a request header?  It would be nice to provide
> >   the address of the file owner so you know where to send comments
> >   if the author forgot to add a <LINK REV="made" HREF="mailto:...">
> Sure, it'd be nice. It's probably impossible to implement in an efficient
> fashion on most servers today.

No, not at all.  On Unix, every file already has an owner, and I could 
hack my httpd in no time to construct an email address from it.

> There are plenty of times when the author of a document has no desire to be
> contacted by millions of people on the net.

The response From: could and should be optional as the request From:

> 	Link: <mailto:e-mail_address>; REL="made"

This would have to be REV="made", not REL.

From: would provide better compatibility with the existing tools for
rfc822 messages than Link. 

Received on Thursday, 23 March 1995 13:29:18 UTC