Re: original host name in request/header

> I wrote:
>I think this should probably be a requirement for HTTP 2.0, but there
>is no migration strategy that will make this work for HTTP 1.0.

And Jim Seidman replied:

> I disagree.  A system that wanted to use this technique could look for a
> "Hostname:" header line, and if it's missing provide the user with a list of
> the hosts available at that address.

and went on to elaborate on this scheme.

I stand corrected; there is a migration strategy. Now the main
question is whether you want to change GET to reference the entire
URL, ask for a "Hostname:" or ask for a "Full-URL:" in the header with
the entire reference (including, for example, original base URL and
relative address, or # anchor references).

The migration strategy for modifying "GET" doesn't look good, though.

Received on Sunday, 12 February 1995 18:15:25 UTC