Re: HTTP status code for "Password Expired"?

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>> After reviewing the HTTP/1.0 draft I was unable to find in the status
>> codes section anything which I could use to report access authorization
>> has been denied because the password given has expired.
>There is not a separate status code for every possible error condition;

        It's worth considering.   Unique numeric codes with positional
tokens  (if needed)  map very nicely on the client end  with or without
an HTML processor.

        It's just a thought;  nothing worth starting a debate over.
(certianly not without changing the subject line)   I think unique
response codes (more unique than FTP's) would be a win.

>instead, there are codes for classes of problems and the content of the
>message is used to explain the exact reason.   ...

>and include an explanation in the message body.

        Which would be in the language of the server.   Language
negotiation might not have yet taken effect.   (what about a mal-formed
request?  what if it's output from a CGI script?)   Server could say
"403 PASSWORD",  where  "PASSWORD"  were a unique indicator as to
*why*  the request was denied.   But I'd prefer a different number for
"403 PASSWORD"  and  "403 PERMISSION"  or  "403 FORBIDDEN"  and leave
the positional parameters for other things.

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