Re: ISO/IEC 10646 as Document Character Set

Erik van der Poel writes:

> My question is not "Can we do 2022 please?"
> It's "How do we get from the current situation to one where the charsets
> are labelled?"  This is the pressing issue that I think Amanda is also
> concerned about.
> Preferably, any proposed solution would also take into account the
> installed base and migration issues.

I see a number of ways to proceed:

1. Specify the charset requirement handling now, implement it in
browsers, but wait 6 months before actually employing it, so that
most people have updated to browsers with the capacity.

2. Do a kind of ESMTP enhanced HTTP negotiation scheme.

3. having the identity and version number of the calling browser's 
and then react in the server accordingly.


Received on Thursday, 4 May 1995 04:59:28 UTC