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Wednesday, December 31, 1969, 8:10:12 PM, you wrote:
Patrik> I have as Area Director got a request to publish the named I-D as 
Patrik> Informational RFC. I hereby would like to get input from the 
Patrik> Applications Area on the document.

Given that that they are seeking Informational, rather than standards track,
I assume that an IETF review should focus on whether the specification has
misrepresentations and whether it conflicts in dangerous ways with any IETF
effort. I assume that the IETF should NOT offer any standards-oriented
language, such as "this looks like a useful protocol".

So, my own reading is:

This is a thoughtful effort that discusses related efforts. It states what
problem it is trying to solve and it states its reasons for its technical

I am not aware of any conflicts or misrepresentations from this work.

For work of this sort done now, it is surprising that the specification
invents a new syntax, rather than using XML. However is nothing "dangerous"
or otherwise inappropriate in the syntax choice they have made.

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