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Re: [Enum] Invitation for ENUM applications/service providers

From: Richard Shockey <rshockey@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:07:26 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: Jim Reid <Jim.Reid@nominum.com>, enum@ietf.org, discuss@apps.ietf.org
Cc: tony.ar.holmes@bt.com, Alwyn.Thomas@dti.gsi.gov.uk
At 05:25 PM 3/17/2002 -0800, Jim Reid wrote:
>I apologise in advance as this is somewhat off-topic for these lists
>but I hope the moderators will indulge me. This is probably the most
>effective way of reaching out to the audience that's being sought.

First this note is not off-topic for the ENUM WG..indeed it is totally in 
scope with the WG's revised charter.

"3. The Working Group will continue to maintain appropriate contact and 
liaison with standards bodies and groups, specifically ITU-T SG2, in order 
to provide technical or educational information as needed, such as the 
appropriate use of DNS. The Working Group will encourage the exchange of 
technical information within the emerging global ENUM community as well as 
documentation on practical experiences with implementations or 
administration of RFC 2916."

>The UK Government intends to start a national trial of ENUM. This should
>hopefully start in the summer and last for 6 months. It will be
>operated by an ad-hoc group drawn from industry: telcos, registry and
>registrar providers, etc. The objective of the trial is to determine
>the viability and desirability of operating a production ENUM service
>for the UK. Participation in the trial is open to all, especially
>developers of ENUM-capable software or ASPs who can offer ENUM-aware
>services. Anyone interested in taking part in the trial should contact
>Alwyn Thomas at the Department of Trade and Industry. His email
>address is Alwyn.Thomas@dti.gsi.gov.uk.

Is there any restriction on the geographic location of participants?

I'd specifically like this ad-hoc group to maintain contact and liaison 
with the chairs and we would welcome ID's documenting the organization of 
this trial, scope and results. As you may know we will eventually want to 
take 2916 from proposed to draft in the usual IETF manner manner.


The requirement for taking a RFC from proposed to draft standard require 2 
demonstrations of inter operability and this trial could be useful in 
documenting that process.

Thank you for making the list aware of this opportunity!

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