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Re: Application protocols and Address Translation

From: John Angelmo <john@veidit.net>
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 15:36:17 +0100
Message-ID: <3DEB6FE1.80603@veidit.net>
To: Brian E Carpenter <brian@hursley.ibm.com>
CC: discuss@apps.ietf.org

Brian E Carpenter wrote:

> Patrik,
> One of the problems here is that whatever we do in the addressing
> architecture, somebody can come along and sell a NAT-v6 box with
> the same misleading arguments that we hear for NAT-v4, apart from
> one (shortage of address space).
> So the real challenge is: how can we make it more attractive to
> *not* buy a NAT box than to buy one. I believe that should be the
> focus of applications people.
>     Brian

I think most ppl dosn't care about NAT as long as it works for them.
If you could make a killerapp that didn't work with NAT(perhaps SIP 
could do it?) then ppl might rething the usefullness of NAT.

OK if ipv6.playboy.com existed more ppl would get IPv6 connections to ;)

Small companies that buy a ADSL connection here in Sweden they only get 
one IP, then you haveto use NAT, no one has suggested that you should 
have more, it's simply convenient.

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