Re: Are international characters allowed in email addresses?

The discussion thus far has employed terms like "address" and "domain".

In general, sendmail (a MTA with a modest deployment) is 8-bit encoding 
The only interesting issue is can sendmail handle 8-bit headers?

Currently, the answer is "no".

The IETF has not yet scheduled a transition plan to 8-bit clean header 
nor an EHLO extension specification and a way to do 8->7 bit encoding when 
to a system that didn't announce the extension.

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At 6/27/01 11:57 AM, John Harrison wrote:
>I'm researching an issue regarding whether international characters are
>allowed in email addresses. Through the research that I've conducted thus
>far I've seen contradictory information.
>In looking at RFC-822 it only specifies ASCII characters being allowed,
>however I have actually seen a few email addresses that do in fact have
>international characters in them. For example, josé.bermú --
>note the accented 'e' and 'u'.
>If anyone has any more definitive information regarding what is and what is
>not supported in respect to international characters in email addresses, I
>would be greatly appreciative.
>Thanks in advance.
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