Re: Wg's which have not made progress lately

> >may i ask that you and ned send email to each of the WGs in question,
> >comparing their progress to their charter, and giving them a short amount
> >time to show progress or be nuke'd.
> We are NOT after killing things because it is fun.

and i hope you didn't think i was implying otherwise...

> We want progress. If either this mail from me, or a future ping from
> me and Ned make the wg start work again, fine.
> >a charter represents a contract between the ADs and a WG. the reasons
> >charters have milestones with dates is so that everyone can understand
> >timeliness and metabolism of the project and principals.
> Exactly!
> >when WGs go stale but don't die, they prevent other WGs from being
> >this is plainly unfair...
> Exactly my point in my initial message. wg's _DO_ use resources just
> by existing.

we are certainly in agreement.


Received on Thursday, 18 January 2001 13:39:09 UTC