Re: Requirements for reliable message delivery

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 09:28:22AM -0800, Bill Janssen wrote:
> The Web is fundamentally designed for person-to-person communication,
> not program-to-program.  It works OK for device-to-person as well
> (viewing/setting your home thermostat over the Web, for example), but
> only because there's a person in the loop to handle exceptions.

That is _not_ the view held by the entire W3C and most of the people
working on web based software these days. Many web applications work very
well with no human involvement at all....

Besides, what are you calling the 'web'? Tim and most of the W3C have
roughly defined it as the set of things identifiable via URIs...


> > > But as a quick-and-practical answer, because I want my thermostat to be
> > > a first class resource on the Web.  This is what the Web was designed
> > > to be and do.
> > 
> > if the design of the web is to coerce everything into one protocol,
> > it's fundamentally broken.    perhaps that was the intent, but 
> > I'm happy that things didn't work out that way.

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