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Agree, HTTP won't go away in the near (or not so near) future. I believe
there is the opportunity for the IETF to develop the kind of reliable
protocol our requirements draft addresses. However, we can't ignore HTTP in
the near term and adding reliability to it with relatively few changes
would be a pragmatic solution - certainly labeling users of HTTP as
ignorant is probably not the way to go :-)

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Keith Moore wrote:
> > I don't think the real world has shown much respect for the
> > restricted application model either. Hence the argument for more
> > ambitious requirements.
> I guess the question is whether the IETF should follow the "real world"
> when the "real world" demands things (like layering messaging over HTTP)
> that are technically unsound.

But that's a solution, and we have to look for the requirements that
have generated that solution, so that we can create a better solution.
That's how I understand the draft.


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