Re: Requirements for reliable message delivery

> what happened exactly in 93? in general, once you start winning, it's hard
> to stop winning...

In 1993 I started working on what became Spec 1170, with Locus, for IBM and
HP. This was driven by the loss of share to Microsoft, and a realignment of
the vendors from their prior constallatons (X/Open vs UI, Hamilton Group vs
AT&T+SMI, NFS vs AFS, ...), to their with- or against-Redmond (modern) set
of alignments (and consolidations).

We (the Unix industry) had stopped winning, by 1993 IBM was in serious
difficulty, and both IBM and HP were forward-minded about the conversion
of their core businesses to hardware plus Windows aftermarkets. We killed
SunWin and some other good ideas, established CDE, tried for shrinkwrap
(via ANDF), and failed.

I concure with Jim that the instutionalization of X in '88 (of "Unix" in '85)
into vendor consortia was marred by insufficient "enlightened self-interest"
by the vendor consortia members, most of whom are now trading at pennies on
the dollar. 


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