Re: IETF split? (was: HTTP Extensions Frameworkstatus?)

>There are ways to "fix" this: another Apps AD, or some reader mechanism,
>or trying to make sure that Apps AD's can spend full or nearly full time
>on IETF business.  I suggest these long before doing application protocol
>standards work in other venues.
>                                 - Jim Gettys

I have specifically suggested adding a 3rd Apps AD to NONCOM. I do not 
think this will solve all of the problems but it could certainly help.

I also suggested a specific TELEPHONY area. With all of the related work 
that is going on it seems reasonable to seperate it out to permit TEL AD's 
a more focused approach to some of the looming and unresolved architectural 

I also totally reject the idea that APPS should meet separately from other 

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