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The reason I followed-up  saying that having a set of navigation
primitives might be a good idea is because
not all navigation on the WWW is structure based --much as I
would like it to be, and it is in my opinion give people the
tools to do it properly rather than letting them continue to
write I what I called "assembly language programs" in an
earlier message.

This said, I was not advocating the random addition of a
bunch of tags--
I believe the right thing to do would be to come up with a
mini navigation module/DTD which could be pulled in just as
say the forms or tables component.

For instance, many sites on the WWW today have toolbar
buttons that take you to the root of the WWW site, the main
page etc, and each one of them does it differently--
it would be useful to be always able to find the 
"go to top" "go to home" and "go to search" buttons without
ever having to think about where to look first.

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