Re: [Fwd: My future of HTML position paper]

Dave Raggett writes:
 > In addition to the above, I think its worth considering how to
 > integrate vector graphics (soon to be the subject of a new W3C
 > working group), math (MathML) and mechanisms for synchronising
 > multimedia (SMIL).

as several people said during the meeting, its as important to *uncouple*
eg tables, from HTML2000 (which I think should be adopted as the
working title), as it is to understand how to plug in eg PGML. lets
assume that a successful HTML2000 will be one in which I can use CALS
tables (assuming they the XMLised) in place of HTML4 tables.

the best example of working modularisation would appear to be the TEI,
no? i would assume that would repay careful study.


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