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MorganaXProc 0.95-9 released

From: Achim Berndzen <achim.berndzen@xml-project.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2016 17:27:41 +0100
Message-Id: <B1D2EE95-C421-4168-8233-46A2CD50FECF@xml-project.com>
To: XProc Dev <xproc-dev@w3.org>
Hello all,

MorganaXProc 0.95-9 was released today.

The basic new feature of this release is the implementation of "Other Proposed Steps": <pxp:nvdl />, <pxp:unzip />, <pxp:zip />, <pxp:compress />, <pxp:uncompress /> and <pxp:set-base-uri /> can be used in a pipeline by importing "http://exproc.org/proposed/steps". <pxp:compress /> and <pxp:uncompress /> support compression method "gzip" out of the box and is enhanceable using third party software. See documentation for details.

With the implementation of these steps, MorganaXProc's implementation of XProc (1.0) is complete.

Secondly this release contains some minor bug fixes:

	• XProc: Fixed a bug in <p:wrap-sequence /> when processing-instructions etc. appear before the root element of the document on port "source".
	• XProc: Fixed a bug in <p:make-absolute-uris />, when value of option "base-uri" is relative and xml:base is set explicitly.
	• XProc: Fixed a bug when <p:with-option /> contains xml:base and the value of select is a relative uri.
	• XProc: Fixed a bug that prevents variables declared in <p:choose /> to be visible in <p:otherwise />.
	• XProc: Reworked handling of <p:documentation /> and <p:pipeinfo />, so they are ignored, wherever they appear. (No more compilation errors!)
	• XQuery/XPath: Improved support for very large integer sequences.
	• XQuery/XPath: Fixed an error while evaluating attribute(name, typeName) and element(qname, typeName).

Thirdly there are some minor improvements in speed and memory usage in XQuery and XPath.

MorganaXProc 0.95-9 is available on http://www.xml-project.com

All comments, especially bug reports or feature requests are very welcome.

Kind regards,
Achim Berndzen

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