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RE: Closing XML Protocol Last Call issue 395

From: <noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 14:43:34 -0500
To: "Martin Gudgin" <mgudgin@microsoft.com>
Cc: "Henrik Frystyk Nielsen" <henrikn@microsoft.com>, xml-dist-app@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF5FBD3CA1.1368B5C6-ON85256C86.006BA5ED@lotus.com>

Gudge writes:

> I'm not sure why this issues revolves around the
> internal subset. We explicitly prohibit the Document
> Type Declaration Information Item from appearing.

So far, so good.  We agree.

>> If there is no DTD then there is no internal 
>> or external subset. 

Let's be a little careful.  Our infosets are synthetic.  They come before 
the lexical form is even considered.  Clearly we disallow the info item. 
What this means for any possible serialization in any possible binding is 

> Lexically one cannot have <!DOCTYPE ... in a SOAP message. 

Now we're talking about something binding specific.  Assume we're talking 
about >the< SOAP HTTP binding. 

>> The only parts of the DTD that are reflected 
>> in the infoset are unparsed entities, notations 
>> and PIs appearing the in DTD.

Right, so if I had a lexical form with an internal subset declaring a 
parsed entity, then that would not show up in the Infoset when I parsed 
the document.  I couldn't tell that there had been an internal or external 

Now, go the other way.  We say in the HTTP binding that we want 
(indirectly through RFC 3203) the XML 1.x serialization of the infoset. 
But if what I say in the para above is right (and I'm not sure about it), 
that's ambiguous.  There are at lexical forms with internal subset that 
correspond to the Infoset that has no DTD information item.  That is the 
source of my concern.  If there is even a hint of this ambiguity, I think 
our binding (or the RFC if appropriate) needs to say explicitly: 
"<!DOCTYPE ... > MUST NOT appear."

I feel like I may be confused, but in the meantime, I remain concerned 
that there is an ambiguity.  If someone sent an instance with internal 
subset, but that parsed into an Infoset with no Doctype Info Item, I'd not 
sure where I'd point in the spec to say "you broke the rules."  What am I 
missing?  Thanks.

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