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RE: Protocol Bindings

From: Eamon O'Tuathail <eamon.otuathail@clipcode.com>
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 23:16:29 +0100
To: "Henrik Frystyk Nielsen" <henrikn@microsoft.com>
Cc: <xml-dist-app@w3.org>, "Marshall T. Rose" <mrose+mtr.netnews@dbc.mtview.ca.us>, "Mark Nottingham" <mnot@mnot.net>
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> Are you saying that in the case of TCP as the underlying protocol that
>it is impossible to provide an SOAP/XML based hop-by-hop authentication

What I am saying is that such authentication is a necessary piece of
functionality and something (what is sensible can be debated ) must provide
it. I would class the provision of this functionality as one of the jobs of
an application protocol.

If the underlying application protocol establishes hop-by-hop authentication
once, then it does not make sense to be using the SOAP actor model to be
repeating this work again and again. The SOAP actor model does come in
useful e.g. when we have to perform tasks at the boundary between distinct
application protocols or where there is SOAP processing to be done at an
intermediary - e.g. it could also be useful to provide higher-level
SOAP-specific services such as SOAP-based transactioning.

SOAP should be using, not duplicating, the rich services available to it
from the underlying application protocol.

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