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XML-RPC political appearance (was Re: [xml-rpc] Sun's use of "XML RPC")

From: Paul Libbrecht <paul@ags.uni-sb.de>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 16:59:27 -0500 (EST)
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Sir Dave,

Hoping you have read my previous mail, I insist on the greatness of XML-RPC !

Allow me to discuss the political "appearance" of XML-RPC. It is a 
bit the appearance of the little hackers, if I dare say. And of 
course Sun, his majesty, did not pay real attention to it (note that 
there are other times where javasoft really only looks at the 
commercial goals without necessarily measuring the complete impact of 

First XML-RPC implementations are, almost all, developed by 
individual enthusiasts. This makes it look... so to say... less 
"community involved" than, say, the (worldwide adopted, glorified, 
commercially recognized) Apache (huge) group.

Second, the specification is a bit... friendly... I think one day 
someone worked on a formal one. This might need to be published as 
the standard (or the next version ?). The, so-to-say, lack of DTD 
also is politically deranging (and was such for one of our 
implementation, but we worked around it recently).

Finally... being so implementation rich, I believe there are several 
lists around, maybe too much, which don't necessarily generate a huge 
trafic on this xml-rpc list.

I liked all these points down here in xml-rpc world, but I can 
definitely imagine some folks consider it as something too relaxed...

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