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Sun's use of "XML RPC"

From: Dave Winer <dave@userland.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 08:43:57 -0800
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Please check out this Sun Microsystems document:


Their marketing materials are highly disrespectful of the XML-RPC community,
which has the largest deployed implementation of XML-over-HTTP technology,
and has been in existence for almost three years. In their Contributions
section, Sun points to everything else in this space, but not to XML-RPC.
Here's a screen shot of that section.


The first document they point to, the W3C survey of existing technologies,
points directly to:


as the first item in the list.

Professionally and ethically I don't think Sun has a leg to stand on. At
this point in the evolution of open distributed computing standards, to omit
XML-RPC says more about Sun's fear than it does about the quality of work
and broad support of XML-RPC.

Sun mentions that they have the support of the following companies: Allaire,
Apple, ATG, BEA, Bowstreet, Commerce One, HP/Bluestone, iPlanet,
SilverStream, webMethods. I know technologists at these companies and
consider them to have the highest ethics and integrity. Please correct this
omission, Sun, and stop using the "XML-RPC" term in a generic fashion. Show
the respect that is appropriate for a spec that so many independent
developers are using. Thanks.


Dave Winer, UserLand Software
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