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RE: ebXML Abandons SOAP

From: Jack, Adam <AJack@neonsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 07:06:24 -0600
Message-ID: <A7722E58BBE8D311B46C0090273AD8D4EF21FD@DNEXCHANGE2>
To: James Snell <jsnell@lemoorenet.com>, xml-dist-app@w3.org

	There really is no difference as long as we can come to an 
	agreement on exactly how to insert the lump-o-binary into the body.

Agreed, my point exactly (with the exception of one avoiding today's XML
inside XML gotchas.)

	That issue could be addressed through adjustments to the XML  
	specification rather easily. 

You are right, if people would go for that. Perhaps it is what is needed.

	Personally, I think that building an XML-based protocol that forms
the basis
	of a new SMTP/HTTP/etc would not have a strong impact on network

I think you missed my point, 'cos you agreed with it. I said (to Henrik)
that having XP reliant upon another protocol HTTP/FTP/etc. would require
multiple ports to be opened in the firewall, and I don't think that would be
good. One only please. It'll take enough convincing (just like it did with
Java Applets) to let something powerful and extensible into the enterprise,
so having the envelope and data come in one protocol seem more likely to be
accepted. Security guys can write proxys, validators, "XML firewalls", etc.
and for this they'd probably want all the data in one.

That said --- my bias is for passing XML document inside XP not huge binary
files of images, etc. I suspect that for this FTP/HTTP/etc. are still right
(and Henrik suggested.)

	As for the simplicity versus purity argument... 

It was just a comment on payload encoding, not on the rest of this stuff. I
just would like to pass XML simply...


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