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RE: A lively day in XML-RPC-land

From: Box, Don <dbox@develop.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 08:08:36 -0800
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For what it's worth, I now have an XSLT that takes an arbitrary XML-RPC
request and "soap-ifies" it. It took me about 2 hours and it applies to ANY
XML-RPC message. Support for response + fault should be easy.


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> Subject: A lively day in XML-RPC-land
> Good morning!
> Yesterday was a lively and interesting day in the world of XML-RPC.
> A coming together that's going to make a lot of good things 
> happen, imho.
> On the SOAP mail list I asked why SOAP and its decendants can't be
> compatible with XML-RPC.
> Don Box said: "FWIW, it is totally possible to transform 
> XML-RPC requests
> into SOAP requests at the wire-level. However, there are 
> constructs in SOAP
> that have no natural mapping in XML-RPC. That stated, I would 
> welcome Dave
> and other XML-RPC people to help draft the canonical mapping 
> of XML-RPC into
> whatever we call this thing we converge on. Once we have that, getting
> interop should be no problem. Inclusion, not exclusion, is 
> the order of the
> day."
> Bravo! I think this will please everyone who's interested in 
> distributed
> computing based on XML and HTTP. Everyone gets what they 
> want. Some time to
> soup up SOAP, and we can go forward building apps using 
> XML-RPC, knowing
> that when the next-level SOAP is ready, our apps will be compatible.
> I've also made contact with a few other W3C and IETF 
> participants, hope to
> have some announcements soon. UserLand may run a press 
> release asking for
> industry support for XML-RPC. We have an immediate opportunity for
> developers of Web content management software, and for developers of
> writing, design and graphics tools.
> Also, I promised to put together a page of links of 
> background information
> on what we're doing at UserLand to build out the Two-Way-Web. 
> Here's the
> link.
> http://dave.editthispage.com/linksForW3CIETF
> Thanks to everyone for the positive spirits! I'm very excited 
> about what our
> industry is doing.
> Dave Winer
> UserLand, USA
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