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A lively day in XML-RPC-land

From: Dave Winer <dave@userland.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 07:38:52 -0800
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Good morning!

Yesterday was a lively and interesting day in the world of XML-RPC.

A coming together that's going to make a lot of good things happen, imho.

On the SOAP mail list I asked why SOAP and its decendants can't be
compatible with XML-RPC.

Don Box said: "FWIW, it is totally possible to transform XML-RPC requests
into SOAP requests at the wire-level. However, there are constructs in SOAP
that have no natural mapping in XML-RPC. That stated, I would welcome Dave
and other XML-RPC people to help draft the canonical mapping of XML-RPC into
whatever we call this thing we converge on. Once we have that, getting
interop should be no problem. Inclusion, not exclusion, is the order of the

Bravo! I think this will please everyone who's interested in distributed
computing based on XML and HTTP. Everyone gets what they want. Some time to
soup up SOAP, and we can go forward building apps using XML-RPC, knowing
that when the next-level SOAP is ready, our apps will be compatible.

I've also made contact with a few other W3C and IETF participants, hope to
have some announcements soon. UserLand may run a press release asking for
industry support for XML-RPC. We have an immediate opportunity for
developers of Web content management software, and for developers of
writing, design and graphics tools.

Also, I promised to put together a page of links of background information
on what we're doing at UserLand to build out the Two-Way-Web. Here's the


Thanks to everyone for the positive spirits! I'm very excited about what our
industry is doing.

Dave Winer
UserLand, USA
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