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RE: [DS1] Fire-and-forget to single receiver

From: Dick Brooks <dick@8760.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 13:18:43 -0600
To: "Mark Needleman - DRA" <mneedlem@dra.com>, <john_ibbotson@uk.ibm.com>
Cc: <xml-dist-app@w3.org>

>I guess I have one comment about this and DS2 - in DS5 there is the
>specific mention of a transport level ack - so does DS1 and DS2 explicitly
>assume there is no ack to the msg at any level. It seems to me that
>defining how lower layers on which XP may run behave is not really in
>scope and I think we need to be clear that the lack of acknowledgment we
>are talking about here is at the XP protocol level
>Trying to mandate how lower level protocol stacks behave seems a little
>out of scope
>Or is this really saying there is no ack at any level  - in which case I
>need to understand why

ebXML defines a "Message Service Handler layer" (MSH) which provides a
specific set of "message processing services" to upper layers. The MSH rides
on top of application level transport mechanisms (HTTP, FTP, SMTP) which in
turn ride on top of reliable network stacks (e.g. TCP/IP) which use TCP
level "acks" to ensure reliable delivery.

The acks referenced in [DS5] are issued by a receiving MHS to indicate that
a message service handler has successfully "accepted delivery of" a message
(header+payload). DS1 and DS2 use cases do not require the MSH to
acknowledge receiving a message, however reliable delivery is assumed in
both DS1 and DS2 cases through the use of TCP/IP based protocols.

Dick Brooks
Received on Thursday, 21 December 2000 14:14:42 UTC

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