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RE: ZNG - what is the long-range objective?

From: Thomas Place <T.W.Place@kub.nl>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 23:07:00 MET
Message-Id: <200109302104.f8UL4tc20503@mailone.kub.nl>
To: www-zig@w3.org
On Fri, 28 Sep 2001 11:20:26 -0400 Leif Andresen <LEA@bs.dk> wrote:

> Relation to OpenURL:
> The scope of OpenURL is a search for one item = linking. You can see
> linking a as special case of searching. And OpenURL is used for
> searching (refer to Metalib of Exlibris). And there are overlap of
> access point to Bath-profile/ZNG. 

This is a misleading way of relating Z39.50 to the OpenURL. The 
OpenURL is a service that comes available if an item (publication, 
document) is identified (e.g. by a Z39.50 search and retrieve 
action). The OpenURL service makes available the metadata of the 
identified item to another server (that provides linking 
services). OpenURL has nothing to do with searching. The reference to 
Metalib is interesting because Metalib uses Z39.50 for searching and 
adds OpenURLs to the presentation of retrieved records. In this way 
the retrieved information is made available (after clicking the 
OpenURL) to a SFX server (or another kind of server that provides 
links). So in the case of Metalib, Z39.50 (or ZNG or ...) is 
necessary to make OpenURLs possible.

See also the message of Matthew Dovey, posted on this list at Fri, 
28 Sep 2001 08:32:03 -0400 (EDT).

Thomas Place
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