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RE: ZNG - what is the long-range objective?

From: LeVan,Ralph <levan@oclc.org>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:55:00 -0400
Message-ID: <E5431CF93E29F9478878F623E5B9CE98350D42@OA3-SERVER.oa.oclc.org>
To: "'Leif Andresen'" <LEA@BS.DK>, www-zig@w3.org
Yes and no.

The library community has already adopted BER/TCP based z39.50, so there is
no good reason for them to switch.  I am certainly hoping the ZNG is the
flavor of Z39.50 that the rest of the world will find flavorful.

But, I definitely want to use ZNG internally to replace our Z39.50 server.
Building robust servers is HARD and we still have unexplained socket
failures that leave application chewing up CPU's.  I want to get out of the
server business and write code that bolts on to someone else's robust
server.  Servlets seems to be the right architecture to do that.  ZNG will
make my life easier doing internal B2B stuff.  If I can talk the rest of you
into using it eventually, then it will make my like a lot easier.


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> Subject: RE: ZNG - what is the long-range objective?
> Relation to OpenURL:
> The scope of OpenURL is a search for one item = linking. You 
> can see linking
> a as special case of searching. And OpenURL is used for 
> searching (refer to
> Metalib of Exlibris). And there are overlap of access point to
> Bath-profile/ZNG. 
> Long-range objective:
> Let me take my question in an other wording:
>  - The ZNG proposal is not for library-system to library-system
> communication
>    So: ZNG will not replace Z39.50 for system-to-system use?
> Ray and others: Yes or no?
> best regards
> Leif Andresen
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