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Re: "Z39.50 Server List" DTD

From: Robert Waldstein <wald@library.ho.lucent.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 15:03:03 -0400
To: www-zig@w3.org
Message-ID: <20000621150303.Q11499@ln.ho.lucent.com>

> That's the idea.  The EXPLAIN record syntax is, well, not very
> appealing.  We now have an alternative record syntax that, by using it,
> would kill several birds with one stone.  Human readable, tools exist,
> compatible with more mainstream technologies (web et al), etc.  Let's
> punt and define an explain DTD.
> Btw, I base my opinions on the assumption that Explain is not widely
> deployed.  Anyone have an statistics on Explain deployment?

Well - I use it -).  I have no problem with the idea of giving EXPLAIN
records in XML from servers. But must admit the idea of adding an XML
handler to my client, that already speaks BER/ASN/GRS strikes me as
overkill (just an developer who still worries about the size of my
excutables - sorry -))..  Actually, I store my EXPLAIN records as files
generated periodically - doing a parallel XML set would be easy for me...

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