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XSL-FO's future at W3C (Was: xsl-fo first anniversary)

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 08:20:31 EDT
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> We are examining our requirements for a follow-on release
> and if you have any feedback for us let us know.


I am encouraged to hear that the "XSL" WG is examining requirements for 
XSL-FO version 2.

I recently posted a question to the XML-Dev list enquiring about XSL-FO's 
future at W3C given that the WG's Charter expires in two and a half months 
time (at least according to the publicly available charter) and the fact that 
the WG had not yet delivered an XSL-FO 2.0 Requirements document which the 
Charter indicated should have been delivered over a year ago. <
unworthy_thought>The possibility occurred to me that W3C might be "easing out 
of" support for XSL-FO.</unworthy_thought>

Perhaps you could inform XML-Dev (and the lists to which I have copied this 
email) what the W3C's future plans for XSL-FO are, since the publicly 
available Charter does not seem to accurately reflect current plans.

I would also like to suggest that the "XSL" WG opens the process of creating 
a Requirements document for XSL-FO version 2 to public comment and 
suggestions. Typically, and disappointingly, a W3C WG defines requirements 
with no public consultation. For version 1.0 of a technology that may be 
defensible but when a user community already exists shouldn't they be invited 
to make suggestions?

Since it is the XSL-FO community who will be greatly affected by developments 
in future versions of XSL-FO it seems to me a constructive step forward to 
invite the community to contribute to the creation of a  first draft 
Requirements document. Such a process worked well with the SVG community. I 
hope the XSL-FO WG can give the possibility favourable consideration.

I look forward to your response.

Andrew Watt
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