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Re: Information is sparse on the development of XML Schema 1.1?

From: Xan Gregg <xan@tibco.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 12:19:17 -0400
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To: "'www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org'" <www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org>

> I've been looking into XML Schema 1.0 and was about to implement
> a type system and various other facilities which eventually allow
> me to support XML Schema in the runtime environment. But now,
> with XML Schema 1.1 to come up, I am a little confused whether
> to still support XML Schema 1.0.
> Are there any resources on your plans regarding XML Schema 1.1?
> I would be glad to have these listed on your web-site at 
> w3c.org/XML/Schema for the curious and all developers.

While I agree it would be nice to get an update on 1.1 status, I think the
present note on the public page makes it clear that 1.1 will be largely
compatible with 1.0.

  The XML Schema WG is currently working to develop a set of
  requirements for XML Schema 1.1, which is intended to be
  mostly compatible with XML Schema 1.0 and to have approximately
  the same scope, but also to fix bugs and make whatever
  improvements we can, consistent with the constraints on scope
  and compatibility.

And given that it says the group is currently working on determining
requirements, I wouldn't expect 1.1 anytime soon.  Before that happens
there'll be the usual W3C process of Working Drafts, Last Call, Candidate
Rec, Proposed Rec, Rec.

xan (not speaking for the Schema WG)

Xan Gregg
TIBCO Software, Inc.
Received on Monday, 21 April 2003 12:26:27 UTC

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