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Re: namespaces and schemaLocation

From: David Beech <David.Beech@oracle.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 15:16:22 -0700
Message-ID: <399329B6.4E8329CF@oracle.com>
To: www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org
CC: lcastro@cookwood.com
David Beech wrote:
> <snip/>
> or ii)
>  <baz  xmlns:tns='http://example.org/something'>
>    <bar>The quick brown fox</bar>
>  <baz>

Of course, there's a typo here (and it may not be the only one
in the message!): the default namespace declaration

  <baz  xmlns='http://example.org/something'>

was intended in this case.

> And the use of default namespace declarations as in (ii) is tricky 
> if you want to switch them when encountering a nested element whose
> type is defined in a nested namespace.

Yes - here's another typo - should just end "...in another namespace."



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