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Re: XKMS 2.0 base working draft

From: Stephen Farrell <stephen.farrell@baltimore.ie>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 10:51:45 +0000
Message-ID: <3BFCD8C1.FD398F7@baltimore.ie>
To: www-xkms-ws@w3c.org

Ok. As as result of this thread are we then ok with the
requirements document containing words to the effect of:

1 XKMS specifications will define how XKMS messages and
  transactions can be secured
2 message and transaction security will be based ("directly") 
  on xkmdsig and xmlenc
3 XKMS specifications will define how transport layer 
  security can be used to protect connections over
  which XKMS messages/transactions are transported
4 Each specification will define which of the above
  security mechanisms are mandatory-to-implement, optional
5 Unless there is a particular reason, all specifications
  will make the same set of choices for 4 above

(And don't beat me up about the words, beat up Mike and
Frederick when they include some words:-)


Rich Salz wrote:
> > I guess I would tend towards the more self-contained approach - something
> > like specifying use of xmldsig and xmlenc "directly" for xkms where
> > we need message level protection (and perhaps tls/ssl where we don't).
> +1.  SOAP Security is likely to be transport level security. :)
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