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Re: Reasoner for DAML-S

From: chintan patel <chintanop@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 13:01:20 +0530
To: mits1@cs.umbc.edu, www-ws@w3.org
Message-ID: <F39WAGC4M4YGczn1YdQ0001e180@hotmail.com>

Hi Mithun,

I had some speculations with ur solution

>1. Convert RDF/DAML files intp VSO triples Eg. (PropertyValue (p uri#name) 
>(s agent) (o Marvin))

This could be done with Jena !

>2. Convert the query into corresponding defquery, fire and bind the 
>returned iterator to a variable.
>The defquery might look like this
>(defquery getName
>(PropertyValue (p uri#name) (s agent) (o ?r)))
>This when fired will return an iterator that will help you get all answers.

This task is as simple as Querying the raw Triples format...(which could  be 
very well perfomed by Jena API !)

But The major point here is to have something like

VSO Query

FullCongoBuy components ?X

and ?X should bind to the Atomic Processes {LocateBook, CongoBuyBook}

That is have an abstraction layer for DAML-S itself (like DAML-S API or 
something)which makes the programming with DAML-S easier !!

I hope this is what Daniel is looking for !


>To find out more, go to the JESS web-site 
>I think you can do similar stuff in Jena. Have you tried looking into RDQL. 
>If you find that JESS is simpler, let me know. I have written some code 
>that'll do this for you.
>good luck
>Daniel Elenius wrote:
>>Hi all!
>>I need to 'query' DAML-S files for relevant properties, and possibly to
>>some description logic reasoning with the ontologies... I'm using Java.
>>What options do I have? I know about Jena (doesn't seem to do it, yet at
>>least) and XSB with YAJXB or InterProlog. I've also heard about
>>CORBA-FaCT. Are there other alternatives? What have people here tried?
>>Which would be my best choice?
>>As you can see I am new to this, so any feedback would be appreciated.

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